Online Marketing and Sales Funnel Explained – Stages and How it works?

Online Marketing and Sales Funnel Explained - Stages and How it works?

Online Marketing and Sales Funnel

Why does online marketing needs different offers at all stages of the sales funnel?

Before starting to execute any digital marketing tactics it is extremely necessary to create a strategy. This strategy begins by understanding the “buyer’s journey” and assigning it a stage in your sales funnel. This helps to create offers of interest at all stages.

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How to design an effective customer attraction strategy

How to design an effective customer attraction strategy

Attracting clients to a web page is essential and necessary for an online business to start working.

This article is indispensable for [1] consultants who need to design strategies for capturing online clients as well as for [2] digital entrepreneurs who are asking themselves: “How to get clients online“.

Without going any further, I invite you to improve your online business today by analyzing and designing the customer attraction strategies that I propose.

Firstly, let’s see the various types of web traffic. Each one has a strategy associated with attracting customers to our digital platform (website, blog, online store):
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Buyer Persona: How to create a tactile Ideal Customer Archetype?

Buyer Persona: How to create a tactile Ideal Customer Archetype?

Surely you must have heard about the importance of defining an ideal customer archetype / profile for your business, but you have not done it yet or you do not know where / how to start.

You probably still have doubts when you hear about buyer persona, customer profile and ideal customer in blogs, written media and digital magazines.

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Starting Guide to SEO: simple steps to optimize your website

Starting Guide to SEO: simple steps to optimize your website

Whenever you need any information (regarding anything) or need to find a solution to a problem or whenever you have a requirement to buy any product, find a service or check reviews of any product, what you generally do is you visit the Internet and search about it on your favorite search engine.

To elaborate the same in steps:

  • You visit the Internet,
  • Open your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc.),
  • Search for the product or services (using keywords)

This is the reason that many companies today are facing new challenges. However, above all there are great opportunities for businesses.

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5 Top SEO Tips to Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings

5 Top SEO Tips to Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings

Find an SEO Expert

Indeed you need the help of SEO experts to quickly employ effective SEO practices. You can find an expert near your place, but with the World Wide Web being global you can opt for services from say, a firm offering services of search engine optimization online. One can hire the Wisents SEO experts and with the help of their knowledge and experience. One can even get a technical staff of their company trained from expert companies of search engine marketing.
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Establish Your Credibility Online

Establish Your Credibility Online
Shoppers are now careful these days. They are more conscious that there are fraud sellers lurking online. They seem to have an internal checklist when it comes to trust. If something isn’t included in their list, it sets their alarm bells ringing. It is very important to build trust with your online customers. If a visitor ends up making the decision to buy from your business website, it will always involve establishing your credibility to inspire the prospect’s trust. But how could you maintain and establish your credibility online?

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